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Year 4, 5 and 6 Homework booklets - TES Resources Year 4, 5 and 6 homework booklets incorporating spellings from the New Curriculum. In word format to allow editing for your own needs! I have split the booklets into Year 4 (lower KS2) and Years 5 and 6 (upper Key Stage 2)...

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Thurgood Marshall Middle School Sign-up for electronic homework notification and you will receive an email the day before a homework assignment is due.

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Teacher sets fun 'homework' for Year 6 pupils. - ITV News Read Teacher sets fun 'homework' for Year 6 pupils to relieve stress ahead of SATs latest on ITV News. All the Education news

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Kangaroo Maths - Kenny's Pouch Assessment: Key Stage 1/2/3 A gradual shift to assessing without levels. BAM Tracking | BAM Tasks | Got It? | Assessment Package 1 | Assessment Package 2

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Social Studies Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) 6-8 A great resource library takes time to build. Check back frequently as we fill the shelves. The Social Studies Frameworks provide one way that teachers, schools, and districts might organize and teach the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) within units.

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